Laboratory water purification specialists for more than 75 years, ELGA provides complete water purification solutions for new and refurbished laboratories. The company can deliver an efficient and effective configuration of total water purification systems for a single lab, group of labs or an entire laboratory building.

ELGA has recently released a new set of videos that describe both the company’s expertise in delivering labwater solutions, and the many options for configuring these solutions for the laboratory.

ELGA Expertise

Elga Centralized Options: Water is supplied from a single purification system throughout the entire building

Elga Floor by Floor: Water is supplied to individual floors with their own distribution loop

Elga Point Of Use: Water is supplied by individual purification systems direct to these products at the point of use

Elga Space-saving Options: Water supplied to individual floors with their distribution loop, and with limited space

Source: ELGA Labwater