Mix-2000 Digital Gas Mixer

The automated gas mixing system from Applied Analytics utilizes cutting-edge mass flow controllers to achieve the precision and repeatability required for demanding applications like research and instrument calibration. http://aai.solutions/mix-2000-digital-gas-mixer

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The TLG-837 continuously measures the H2S / SO2 ratio in Claus process tail gas to provide an always-reliable air demand signal. http://aai.solutions/tlg-837-tail-gas-air-demand-analyzer
The OMA provides simultaneous analysis of benzene, toluene, xylene, and additional aromatic hydrocarbons using UV-Vis absorbance analysis and powerful spectral de-convolution. http://aai.solutio...
The OMA is a scalable, solid state emissions monitoring technology with the detection limits needed for the EPA regulations of tomorrow. http://aai.solutions/oma-continuous-emissions-analyzer