Mix-2000 Digital Gas Mixer

The automated gas mixing system from Applied Analytics utilizes cutting-edge mass flow controllers to achieve the precision and repeatability required for demanding applications like research and instrument calibration. http://aai.solutions/mix-2000-digital-gas-mixer

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The OMA is the ideal multi-componenent instrument for analyzing true NOX (NO + NO2) in emmissions and critical process applications. http://aai.solutions/oma-nox-analyzer
From natural gas to flare stack, the CVA-100 is the ideal instrument for monitoring the heating value of hydrocarbon streams. http://aai.solutions/cva-100-wobbe-index-analyzer
The MCP-200 is a real-time concentration monitor for chemical species that absorb IR radiation. Engineered to be compact and modular, the MCP-200 excels as both a rugged standalone and an integrate...