The 50-3152FR thermally conductive potting compound from Epoxies Etc. offers fast heat dissipation and stability during thermal cycling. And unlike many similar compounds that mix in slightly uneven ratios, 50-3152FR mixes in equal parts.

It is also low in viscosity making it easy to pour.  This material passed the Underwriters Laboratories’ strict non-burning standard 94 V-0 and has a Comparative Tracking Index of 600 V.

50-3152FR is especially tough and resilient offering better than standard protection against shock and vibration.  It is RoHS and REACH compliant, DOT non-regulated, and antimony free.


  • Easy to use (1:1 mix ratio)

  • Easy to pour (low viscosity)

  • UL Listed for meeting 94 V-0 non-burning standard

  • Offers fast heat dissipation

  • Has low shrinkage during cure

  • Tough and resilient providing extra protection for shock, vibration, and thermal cycling

  • Ideal for use with meter mix equipment

  • Comparative tracking index (600 Volts)

  • DOT non-regulated

  • RoHS and REACH Compliant

  • Antimony free

50-3152FR information sheet