Knovel has introduced a redesigned platform offering more precise search results, a simplified user interface, enhanced navigation capabilities and more in an effort to help engineers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Knovel offers a cloud-based application that integrates technical information from more than 100 engineering publishers and societies with analytical and search tools used by engineers worldwide.

The platform delivers engineers trusted answers faster, facilitates collaboration among disparate teams and allows for seamless integration with third-party engineering tools, enterprise applications and customer knowledge bases. Knovel’s evolution is the result of in-depth research and analysis on how engineers search for and integrate technical information into their workflow.

Knovel’s platform is now available, and existing Knovel customers will be automatically upgraded in the coming months. With Knovel’s new platform:

  • Content is discoverable: Improved search includes an intelligent, answer-centric algorithm, combining textual and data searches; the ability to “search within” results and filter results by content types including interactive tables, materials data sheets, conference proceedings and more. A new data search wizard offers simplified drag-and-drop features to more precisely search and discover data content.

  • Answers are actionable: New user interface improves navigation, increases the visibility of interactive tools and clearly displays subscription availability. Support for shared folders in My Knovel facilitates collaboration by allowing users to tag members of their work group or student team and share folders with links to saved titles, content and search queries.

  • Experience is seamless: Cloud-based architecture allows for better flexibility, scalability, performance and reach. APIs allow for integration into other engineering applications, customer knowledge bases and enterprise software tools. Self-service administrative functionalities allow customers to manage their services and subscriptions, and access reports