Siemon, a global network infrastructure specialist, has introduced the new LC BladePatch fiber optic duplex jumper, which offers high-density fiber patching with easy access.

With its intuitive, ergonomic action, the LC BladePatch completely eliminates the need to access a latch during installation and removal, avoiding any disruption or damage to adjacent fiber connectors in the tightest-fitting fiber patching environments. With these innovative features, Siemon has taken high-density fiber patching to a whole new level:

  • Patent-pending push-pull boot design that enables precise control of the latch away from the point of termination, enhancing installation and removal in the highest density applications

  • Patent-pending rotating latch that eliminates potential connector and cable damage during polarity changes while clearly indicating that a polarity change has been made

  • Overall smaller diameter uni-tube cable design that reduces cable pathway congestion for improved airflow, energy efficiency and easy cable management

Available with Siemon XGLO OM3 and OM4 50/125 multimode and OS2 singlemode (UPC) optical fiber with OFNR, OFNP and LSOH constructions, the LC BladePatch is ideal for supporting high-speed 10 Gigabit fiber applications over extended distances and next generation backbones. It features a superior connector polish that meets stringent Telcordia and ISO/IEC end-face specifications and exceeds all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC insertion loss and return loss requirements. For use within any standard duplex LC adapter opening or LC small-form pluggable (SFP) module, the LC BladePatch is 100% factory inspected to deliver precise optical performance and is warranted for 20 years to ensure optimum 10 Gigabit Ethernet serial transmission when installed in a qualified XGLO system.

Source: Siemon LC BladePatch