Quintiles has announced interactive, role-based navigation as part of the next generation of Quintiles Infosario reporting & analytics platform. Quintiles Infosario seamlessly integrates data, systems, processes and Quintiles’ therapeutic expertise to unlock faster, better-informed decisions from clinical trial planning and design, to trial execution services, through post-market outcome studies.

The navigation introduces templates that allow users to create dashboards to view the most relevant data and visualizations for their specific, day-to-day needs. It also offers transparency into critical data at the study, program and portfolio levels—unlocking valuable insights that enable customers to tackle key challenges, such as real-time oversight, risk mitigation, patient safety, productivity and time to market.

With Quintiles Infosario:

  Clinical program managers can view the overall status of trials in a specific region in near real-time, enabling quick and deliberate decisions to ensure trial success.

Pharmacovigilance scientists and medical monitors can easily focus on safety-specific data, enabling subtle but important signal detections for improved patient safety.

Site start-up specialists can seamlessly monitor patient enrollment at specific sites to forecast, benchmark and optimize the patient recruitment processes.

“Historically, our customers have experienced gaps in the availability of integrated, continuously updated data necessary to manage their studies,” said Thomas Grundstrom, Vice President, Integrated Processes and Technologies. “With the next generation of Quintiles Infosario, users can easily view data according to their specific needs and make better-informed decisions to run more efficient clinical trials and accelerate time to market.”

Quintiles Infosario Reporting & Analytics Platform is built upon a patent-pending and system-independent data factory that easily integrates with customers’ existing technology solutions to offer unique data points through advanced visualizations.

With Quintiles Infosario, Quintiles is harnessing the power of data from diverse sources in near real-time to help customers make the best possible decisions earlier in the product lifecycle.