PerkinElmer Inc., a leading maker of analytical instrumentation, today announced the launch of the Frontier Infrared Spectrometer, a high performance infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer built using PerkinElmer’s industry-leading spectroscopy expertise.

Part of a new family of spectrometers, the Frontier analytical platform meets diverse FT-IR challenges ranging from everyday measurements to the most advanced, complex analyses. The instrument combines best-in-class sensitivity with flexibility for many diverse sectors, from polymers and chemicals to consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, helping to protect consumers and the environment across the world.

Delivering unmatched respectability of transmission spectra, Frontier’s superb sensitivity and configurability ensure superior performance in demanding applications, helping to advance safe drug development, understand complex chemical and material properties, and meet the challenging requirements of research and academia.

commented, “With more than 65 years of experience in spectroscopy, PerkinElmer has now developed a specialized infrared spectroscopy platform that can be adapted for customers’ research requirements.

According to Dusty Tenney, president of Analytical Sciences and Laboratory Services at PerkinElmer, the Frontier is, based on its near- to far-infrared analyses capabilities,  the company’s most powerful spectrometer to date.

Frontier is a configurable FT-IR spectrometer that can be expanded as research goals develop. Offering more optimized sampling options than any other FT-IR in its class, Frontier’s optical flexibility enables the addition of a vast array of specialized accessories to meet a wide range of sampling challenges; whether checking for batch conformity or micro contamination. A modular and upgradeable platform combined with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio assures optimal spectral performance for near-, mid- and far- infrared spectroscopic analysis. The automated range changing capability allows multiple techniques to be utilized at the touch of a button, with the flexible optical system also permitting the addition of microscopy and imaging systems for detailed materials analysis.

A range of patented PerkinElmer technologies enable the Frontier to produce superior infrared spectra. Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC) features an advanced digital filtering algorithm designed to eliminate CO2 and H2O interferences for accurate FT-IR results. The fifth generation Dynascan fixed mirror-pair interferometer requires no dynamic alignment to compensate for errors in linear mirror movement. PerkinElmer’s AVI Standardization calibrates spectrometer wavelength scales to a higher accuracy than achieved with conventional calibration methods.

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