Yokogawa Corporation- CA450Company Name: Yokogawa Corporation

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Product Name: CA450 True RMS Process Digital Multimeter

Product Type: Handheld digital multimeter

Measurement Type: AC, DC, AC/DC

Display Digits: 20,000 counts

Probe Type: Test lead set

DC Voltage Range: 1000 V

DC Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1% of rdg + 1 digit

AC Voltage Range: 1000 V

AC Voltage Accuracy: Frequency-dependent

AC Voltage Bandwidth: 1 kHz

DC Current Range: 180 A (with clamp)

DC Current Accuracy: ±1.2% of rdg

AC Current Range: 3000 A (with clamp)

AC Current Accuracy: Frequency-dependent

AC Current Bandwidth: 60 Hz

Frequency Range: 19.99 kHz

Frequency Accuracy: ±0.005% of rdg + 1 digit

Capacitance Range: N/A

Capacitance Accuracy: N/A

Resistance Range: 60 M?

Resistance Accuracy: ±1% of rdg +2 digits

Temperature Range: N/A

Tremperature Accuracy: N/A

Other Electrical Measurements: Continuity Check, Diode Test, Max/Min or Peak Spike Measurement, True RMS Measurement, DC mA source, DCV Source, 20 mA Sink, 24 V Loop Power, Optional Communication

Published in R & D magazine: Vol. 53, No. 1, February, 2011.