TCS SP5 IILeica Microsystems' TCS SP5 II

Company Name: Leica Microsystems

Product Name: TCS SP5 II

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Microscope Type: Compound inverted microscope

Microscope Features: Automated stage, camera, computer interface, digital display, fine focus, image analysis processing software, mechanical stage, and oil immersion objective

Observation Methods: Brightfield, confocal, darkfield, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing, DIC, and modulation contrast

Applications: Life science/Biology, material science, and nanotechnology

Eyepiece Styles: Binocular and trinocular

Eyepiece Magnification: 10X

Illuminator: 10 different laser choices available, 100 W halogen, and 100 W mercury-doped metal halide

Objective Magnification: N/A

Magnificatin Range: 1.25X to 100X

Working Distance: 18 mm to 0.07 mm

Field-of-View: 22 mm