SPECTRO introduced the SPECTRO MS, a fully simultaneous measuring mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS). The SPECTRO MS records the entire elemental spectrum between lithium and uranium for every analysis. Users achieve an increased sample throughput rate and much better precision and accuracy compared to using a sequential mass spectrometer.

Simultaneous recording of the entire spectrum is enabled by a series of newly designed high-end components:

  • A novel ion optic that is efficient in transporting ions from the plasma into the mass spectrometer itself—while reliably removing neutral particles and photons from the beam.
  • A double focusing sector field mass spectrometer with a Mattauch-Herzog design. An electrostatic analyzer and a permanent magnet are utilized to direct the ions onto a focal plane—without additional scanning of the ion beam.
  • An extremely powerful Direct Charge Detector with 4,800 channels is placed in the focal plane of the mass spectrometer recording simultaneously the entire mass spectrum from lithium to uranium with an average of 20 channels per isotope. Each of these channels is additionally divided into two separate detectors with different signal amplification. This enables the SPECTRO MS to achieve a dynamic working range that allows even extreme isotope ratios to be precisely determined.
  • With the innovative sleep-mode, the robust and user-friendly vacuum system features very low energy consumption.

The housing, software and excitation technology for the SPECTRO MS are closely related to those of the ICP-OES flagship, the SPECTRO ARCOS. A free-running 27.12 MHz generator is used as the plasma generator in the new instrument; guaranteeing extremely stable power coupling in the plasma.