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Fans for Wind Tunnel Applications

Wind tunnels are used in testing the aerodynamic characteristics of products like automobiles, trucks and in climatic research facilities.

LISTED UNDER: Environmental Test Chambers | Material Testing, General | Physical Testing, General

LTP-250 MicroPress

The LTP-250 Micro-PressTM is a miniature pneumatic press for general use in applying heat and pressure to materials.

LISTED UNDER: Polymers Test Equipment

Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Tektronix is rewriting the rules for semiconductor characterization.

LISTED UNDER: Analytical Instrumentation | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

SiP Test & Production Alignment Engine from PI—2016 R&D 100 Awards Finalist

A solution is now available for fast, parallel, nanoscale-accurate global optical alignment optimization required in key SiP production steps from planar test to packaging.

LISTED UNDER: Materials Testing | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

A Self-Contained Rugged Data Acquisition System in a Portable Kit

SLICE PRO Field delivers reliable data in low temperatures, high altitudes and low pressure environments.

LISTED UNDER: Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

High-Precision Linear Motor Stage with Absolute Encoder & Ironless Motor

The compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage debuted at Laser World of Photonics, held in Munich, Germany last month.

LISTED UNDER: Machine Vibration Testing/Analysis | Material Testing, General | Metrology

Terahertz-Frequency for Precise Probing & Measurement of Millimeter-Wave Devices

Lake Shore Cryotronics is now offering for pre-order a unique terahertz-frequency probe arm option for their CPX, CPX-VF, CRX-4K and CRX-VF cryogenic probe stations.

LISTED UNDER: Cryogenic Accessories | Material Testing, General

Multi-input Cryogenic Sensor Modules for PLC-based Temperature Monitoring

Lake Shore Cryotronics benchtop instruments are trusted throughout the world for precision cryogenic temperature measurement.

LISTED UNDER: Cryogenic Accessories | Thermocouple | Material Testing, General

Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitter

GP:50 NY LTD (GP:50) has introduced its iDucer Bluetooth wireless pressure transmitter. The GP:50 iDucer is a battery- or locally powered, self-contained pressure transmitter with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless output. Designed to connect wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad (Android/ Windows tablet and PC versions pending) the device can reliably measure pressure values from 0-1 psi through 0-30K psi.

LISTED UNDER: Sensors/Detectors | Pressure Sensors | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

Capacitive Displacement Sensor

The CPL350 is a small, precision capacitive displacement sensor from Lion Precision. The single-channel sensor brings top-shelf performance into tiny spaces. The sensor is suitable for embedded and OEM applications.

LISTED UNDER: Sensors/Detectors | Metrology

Benchtop Hybrid Temperature Chamber

TotalTemp Technologies Inc. offers a new way to do thermal testing. The model HBC-49 is a hybrid temperature chamber/platform. The floor of the chamber is a temperature-controlled hot/cold plate that operates independently or in conjunction with the temperature chamber.

LISTED UNDER: Refrigerated Environmental Chambers | Environmental Test Chambers | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

TorqueTrak TPM2 Torque & Power Monitoring System

The TPM2 setup and configuration is easy and convenient with BEI- supplied software.

LISTED UNDER: Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems | Sensors/Detectors | Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems

High-speed Data Acquisition

The Keysight data acquisition solution uses signal resampling which provides on-board enhancement of the range analysis and offers a stable ADC signal sampling cadence. The solution focuses on the clock stability while acquiring the signal in order to avoid sampling cadence changes. This adverse effect on signal acquisition typically occurs when an external k-clock is used.

LISTED UNDER: Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems | METERS AND MONITORS | Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems

Advanced Video Extensometer

Instron has introduced an advanced video extensometer, the AVE 2, that conforms to the most rigorous testing standards, such as ISO 527, ASTM D3039 and ASTM D638. The second-generation advanced video extensometer utilizes patented measurement technology in the fastest, most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device commercially available.

LISTED UNDER: TESTING SYSTEMS | Physical/Materials Testing | Extensometers

Continuous Sensing Digital Viscometer

Brookfield Engineering has introduced the new DV1 Viscometer, the lowest-cost, continuous sensing digital viscometer in the Brookfield family of instruments. The head of the DV1 Viscometer features a new shape and a larger easy-to-read display. Multiple language choices are now included and the user interface has three hot keys for quick access to spindle selection, test speed and other functions.

LISTED UNDER: TESTING SYSTEMS | Physical/Materials Testing


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