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SiP Test & Production Alignment Engine from PI—2016 R&D 100 Awards Finalist

A solution is now available for fast, parallel, nanoscale-accurate global optical alignment optimization required in key SiP production steps from planar test to packaging.

LISTED UNDER: Materials Testing | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

PiezoWalk Motor Technology Powers Ultra-Precise Compact Linear Positioner

An ultra-precise motor in a compact, flat stage design facilitates mechanical integration of the new N-565 linear positioner.

LISTED UNDER: Surface Area | Material Handling Systems | Analyzers, Image

Pipette Repair and Professional Services

TTE Laboratories puts pipettes through a detailed assessment and refurbishing procedure to ensure each pipette will be accurate after their calibration service and through to the next service cycle. TTE Laboratories' process includes a thorough cleaning of each pipette, both inside and out.

LISTED UNDER: Calibration/Repair

Chiral screening service

Phenomenex Inc. announced a Chiral Screening Service for customers in pharmaceutical and natural products research and development.

LISTED UNDER: Testing Services

Microbial identification testing service

Accugenix announced AccuPRO-ID, a new proteotypic microbial identification method for routine environmental monitoring and primary screening of bacterial organisms.

LISTED UNDER: Testing Services

Liquid handler performance verification service

At Pittcon2010, Artel will showcase its enhanced Liquid Handler Performance Verification service. In addition to verification of instrument performance, the service now includes validation of customer-specific liquid handling methods, allowing laboratories to further optimize liquid handling processes.

LISTED UNDER: Testing Services

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