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Kimberly-Clark Professional has expanded its innovative recycling program – RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional – to manufacturing and other industrial environments, enabling these customers...

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Ankle High Shoe Covers Help Reduce Contamination, Decrease Slip & Fall Risks

More than a shoe cover but less than a boot, Kimtech Pure A7 Ankle High Shoe Covers deliver a higher barrier of liquid protection and superior grip.

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Cleanroom Lab Coat

The Kimtech Pure A7 Cleanroom Lab Coat from Kimberly-Clark Professional provides enhanced chemical and biological protection and superior contamination control for cleanroom environments. Available in bulk packaging, the lab coats are easy to don and doff.

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Chemical Handling Gloves

ChemTek 38-214T gloves from Ansell Healthcare protect workers from a variety of dangerous chemicals.

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