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Miniature High-Pressure Regulator & Piercing Fit for Use with Gas Cartridges

The Portable Gas Regulator/Small Cylinder Dilemma: You are searching for a reliable way to reduce high-pressure gas from a small cylinder to a much lower pressure.

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CONCOA 547 High Pressure Automatic Switchover Provides Uninterrupted Supply of Gas

CONCOA has introduced a new switchover series designed to provide continuous high pressure, high flow delivery of non-oxidizing gases.

LISTED UNDER: Valves, Control | Valves, High Pressure | Gas Regulators/Purifiers

Screen-Printable Functionalized Graphene Ink

Haydale reports how its proprietary HDPlas technology has been used to create fictionalized Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs) that have been incorporated into a functional graphene ink, which has been developed for screen printing.

LISTED UNDER: Nanoparticles

Small-area Gas Purifiers

ARM Inc. has released its new line of process and specialty gas purifiers, the Pro-Panel Series, for use in applications where trace gas impurities and/or particulate can cause false results or reduce yields. The Pro-Panel Series purifiers are sized for use in small areas such as analytical/medical/pharmaceutical laboratories, and small volume production of systems and components requiring low...

LISTED UNDER: Gas Regulators/Purifiers

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrate

Ocean Optics has introduced a new substrate for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) applications. Using precisely controlled gold nanoparticles, Ocean Optics SERS substrates amplify very weak Raman signals by many orders of magnitude. The result is fast, repeatable SERS measurements for the identification and quantification of SERS-active analytes.

LISTED UNDER: Glass Substrates | Raman

Light-curable Adhesives

At the 2014 Assembly Show in Rosemont, Ill., Oct. 29-30, Dymax Corp. will showcase a tack-free, moisture- and chemical-resistant FIP/CIP gasket, SpeedMask resins with patented See-Cure technology, and a plastic bonder with Ultra-Red fluorescing technology.  


3-D Optical Printing Process

The LUXeXceL Group in the Netherlands has announced both the launch of a new additive manufacturing platform that delivers high speed and precision as well as the introduction of a new clear material LUX-Opticlear, which allows high quality optics manufacturing up to 20 mm in height.

LISTED UNDER: Lasers, Applied, Materials Processing | Polymers

Crystal IS introduces Optan LED technology

Crystal IS has introduced Optan, the first commercial semiconductor based on native aluminum nitride (AIN) substrates. Optan increases detection sensitivity from monitoring of chemicals in pharma manufacturing to drinking water analysis.

LISTED UNDER: Elements, Metallic

Permeation Standards for Trace Light Hydrocarbons

Trace concentration mixtures of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons, normally not available in permeation tubes, can be prepared using KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.’s FlexStream + Flex GF gas standards generator and Series 57 Gas Fed Permeation Tubes. Dynamically mixed concentrations from less than 10 ppb to over 1,000 ppm are available with a single dilution for pure compounds.

LISTED UNDER: Gas Regulators/Purifiers | Gas Standards

Gas Purifier Cartridge

SGD Inc. has introduced its 8010 gas purifier and cartridges used for the removal of impurities from gases. Standard cartridges are filled with 13X molecular sieve, 4 A molecular sieve or activated charcoal. Cartridges with other purifying media are available on request.

LISTED UNDER: Gas Regulators/Purifiers

Zero Nitrogen Generators

The Filtration and Separation Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp. has introduced a new line of zero nitrogen generators designed to transform standard compressed air into a safe, regulated supply of 99.9995% pure nitrogen with less than 0.1 ppm hydrocarbons.

LISTED UNDER: Nitrogen Analyzers | TOC

Laboratory Gas Generators

Proton Onsite offers a complete on-site laboratory gas generator range, a comprehensive line for gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LCMS) users. Proton OnSite’s revamped on-site nitrogen gas generators use membrane technology and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems to reliably produce a pure source of nitrogen gas.

LISTED UNDER: Oxygen | TOC | High Purity

Thermoplastic Material for Tribological Applications

Saint-Gobain Seals Group has recently launched a new grade, Meldin 5530, which belongs to their Meldin HT thermoplastics product line, and has been specifically created for applications where friction and wear rate at contact points are significant parameters for consideration.


Thermally Conductive Potting Compound

The 50-3152FR thermally conductive potting compound from Epoxies Etc. offers fast heat dissipation and stability during thermal cycling. And unlike many similar compounds that mix in slightly uneven ratios, 50-3152FR mixes in equal parts.

LISTED UNDER: Adhesives | Adhesives, High-Temperature

High-purity Regulator

A new high-purity regulator has been introduced by CONCOA. The Series 213 first of its kind to deliver consistent supply under ultra-low pressure variations for specialized non-corrosive applications.

LISTED UNDER: Gas Regulators/Purifiers | High Purity


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