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Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), a leading international supplier for the biopharmaceutical industry, has launched Virosart® Media for virus retention in cell culture media. With this new media...

The automated gas mixing system from Applied Analytics utilizes cutting-edge mass flow controllers to achieve the precision and repeatability required for demanding applications...

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Model DX Dew/Frost Point Sensor

For Immediate Release August 30, 2017 Edgetech Instruments Announces the Model DX a New High Performance Primary Method Direct Insertion Dew/Frost Point Sensor The Model DX primary method chilled mirror dew/frost point sensor is the newest addition to the Edgetech Instruments line of direct insertion hygrometer sensors. With an integral PRT temperature sensor, wider operating range and i...

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Fixed/Portable NIST Traceable Multi-Range Moisture Analyzers

Unlike other techniques, these devices can also measure higher levels of moisture near saturation with no ill effects.

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Miniature High-Pressure Regulator & Piercing Fit for Use with Gas Cartridges

The Portable Gas Regulator/Small Cylinder Dilemma: You are searching for a reliable way to reduce high-pressure gas from a small cylinder to a much lower pressure.

LISTED UNDER: Hydrogen Analyzers | Micro GC Systems | Gas Regulators/Purifiers

InGaAs Version of OMA Process Analyzer

The infrared-range sensor inside the InGaAs OMA capitalizes on recent major advancements in InGaAs semiconductor technology to provide accuracy equivalent to gas chromatography at far lower manufacturing costs and operational complexity.

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Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Tektronix is rewriting the rules for semiconductor characterization.

LISTED UNDER: Analytical Instrumentation | Testers, Semiconductor Device Thermal Resistance

PiezoWalk Motor Technology Powers Ultra-Precise Compact Linear Positioner

An ultra-precise motor in a compact, flat stage design facilitates mechanical integration of the new N-565 linear positioner.

LISTED UNDER: Surface Area | Material Handling Systems | Analyzers, Image

NS MiniTracer for Rapid Trace Detection

This compact, affordable, and user-friendly fluorometer is optimized for sensitive quantitation of single-walled carbon nanotubes through its short-wave infrared emission.

LISTED UNDER: Analytical Instrumentation

Infrared Moisture Analyzer Offered by Terra Universal

Moisture levels are important in the analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and environmental samples.

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DewTrak-DE for Diesel Engine Emissions Testing

The Edgetech Instruments DewTrak-DE is a precision, multi-sensor transmitter that measures dew/frost point, temperature and barometric pressure for diesel engine testing.

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Dew Point Sensor for Aggressive Applications

The new Edgetech Instruments X3 chemical resistant chilled mirror sensor exploits the latest advancements in optical sensing and more.

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Tail Gas In-Situ Demister Probe Monitors Sulfur-based Compounds

Applied Analytics continues to specialize in tail gas analysis with improved tail gas probe.

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Infrared Moisture Analyzer Reduces Measuring Time

The compact benchtop Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA 37 from Sartorius analyzes samples weighing up to 70 grams.

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HPR-20 QIC TMS Configured for Analysis of Fast-Gas Reaction Processes

The Hiden HPR-20 QIC TMS Transient Mass Spectrometer system's applications include flash-heating studies, respiratory analysis, sorption/desorption rate monitoring and assessment of gas/surface interaction kinetics. 

LISTED UNDER: Gas Analyzers | Mass, Quadrupole

The First Commercially Available Multiplex Assay for Protein Biomakers

The assay is intended for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

LISTED UNDER: Particle Concentration Analyzers

Edgetech Instruments Introduces SENTRY Compressed Air Monitor & Alarm

The new Edgetech Instruments SENTRY compressed air monitor and alarm senses both the dew point and pressure in industrial compressed air systems. 

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