Full-service CRO ObvioHealth has launched ClaimIt, a 100-percent online and mobile application for site-less clinical studies. The app removes costly physical site visits, allowing study participants to take part in healthcare research from their homes, improving convenience and compliance, while lowering drop-out rates.

The company said that the application, targeting pharmaceutical, nutritional, observational, and other studies, also creates opportunities to leverage data captured from connected devices for clinical evaluation.

Clinical professionals and doctors monitor each study as the participants use the app on their smartphones or tablets, recording study specific information, and allowing for real-time data collection, according to ObvioHealth.

(Images courtesy ObvioHealth)

Data from smart devices, such as Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, can integrate with the ClaimIt app, which offers 24/7 data monitoring and allows health professionals to video chat or text with participants at any time.

Examples of studies that can be conducted either entirely online or with an online element include collection of data related to quality of life (QoL) and patient reported outcomes (PRO), medical device studies, consumer goods observational research, and interventional studies of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. 

ObvioHealth, a medical technology company, is financially backed through a venture capital collaboration between global life sciences consulting agency SPRIM and international investment firm Tikehau Capital.

(Source: ObvioHealthSPRIM; Tikehau Capital)