Columbia Care LLC introduced a patent-pending, first of its kind, high-CBD formulation of its full spectrum, pharmaceutical-quality, extended release (ER), hard-pressed medical marijuana tablets. Following last month's debut of the high-THC, ER hard-pressed tablet formulation, this novel product marks the next step forward in innovation and management of chronic illness.

Designed to provide long-lasting release of the medication, the tablets' unique formulations were developed for patients with conditions including neuropathic pain, systemic inflammation, anxiety, seizures/epilepsy and muscle spasticity. The formulated tablets' high level of CBD, in combination with other non-psychotropic cannabinoids and low levels of THC, allow patients to experience long-lasting relief of their symptoms using a simple, familiar, and highly effective method of administration.

The pharmaceutical-quality tablet is designed to address symptoms broadly through prolonged duration of action, allowing patients to experience an improved quality of life. Columbia Care's tablets will be available in New York for registered patients this week and will be launched nationally beginning in the second half of 2018.

Columbia Care CEO, Nicholas Vita comments, "as more patients are discovering the benefits of this medicine, we are continuing to meet their needs with expanded treatment options and novel products. At Columbia Care, we take the medicinal breadth of the hundreds of active compounds in the cannabis plant and bring scientific rigor and medical expertise to maximize the benefits of this medicine. By combining some of nature's most powerful compounds with cutting-edge science and manufacturing capabilities, we are improving treatment options and realizing our missing of giving patients the better quality of life they deserve."

Columbia Care's patent-pending, hard-pressed extended release tablets are designed using proprietary, precisely manufactured formulations that include a targeted portfolio of the most important active compounds that are deliberately concentrated, while preserving the broad chemical profile of selected cultivars. 

These tablets are pre-scored for 'splitting' to create additional titration and dosing options. Furthermore, all tablets are imprinted with the Columbia Care logo and product identification to provide additional product safety confirmation for the patient.

The tablets will be available to patients and their caregivers at Columbia Care's New York dispensaries, or online through Columbia Care's home delivery option. 

By years end, Columbia Care plans to make this product available, along with its other pharmaceutical quality products, through its national organization including, but not limited to, Florida, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Puerto Rico, California, and Washington, D.C.

(Source: Columbia Care LLC)