Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and Silicon Cloud International (SCI) are launching a new program aimed at globally advancing integrated circuit (IC) design education and research.

The program will focus on increasing the quantity of IC designers in university systems worldwide. SRC is a leading university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, and SCI is a premier provider of secure and private cloud-based computing infrastructure and workflows.

SCI is establishing a global network of cloud centers for educational and research institutions with the purpose of training researchers and next-generation students in the techniques of modern VLSI design using secure private cloud technology.

In collaboration with SCI, SRC is planning to increase its global outreach of managing semiconductor industry basic research that provides its members with competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

“SRC and SCI intend to jointly define a focused research area on advanced, but practical topics in the space of secure cloud computing infrastructure,” said SCI CEO Mojy Chian. “In turn, SRC will promote this focus area to its membership to secure endorsement and support for execution.”

“SRC has been at the forefront of collaborative research for the semiconductor industry for the past three decades,” said SRC President Larry Sumney. “This joint program with SCI will further assist our efforts to expand our programs internationally for the betterment of the industry at large.”

SCI has been demonstrating its system to worldwide universities and research institutions since August 2013. A pilot program with seven participating universities in three countries is planned for launch this August.

“A secure cloud computing environment is a significant enabler for worldwide collaboration among universities and between universities and industry,” said Professor Kiat Seng Yeo, Founding Director of VIRTUS, an IC Design Centre of Excellence in Singapore and Associate Provost at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Source: Semiconductor Research Corp.