Accelrys Inc., a provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, announced that it has acquired ChemSW Inc., an environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance solutions provider. This acquisition furthers Accelrys’ scientific innovation lifecycle management strategy by providing solutions for managing and tracking the source, use and disposal of chemicals along the entire laboratory-to-plant value chain. The ability to manage chemicals across the full product lifecycle helps organizations across industries enhance compliance with increasingly complex global, national and local environmental health and safety regulations, and is critical to advancing their sustainability strategies.

ChemSW provides an EH&S compliance portfolio that eliminates the inconsistencies and errors associated with the disconnected paper-based methods of chemical inventory management often used today. Errors and lack of accurate information on the location, quantity and usage of chemicals from laboratory to plant slows innovation, impacts operational efficiency, can threaten health and safety and puts organizations at risk of non-compliance with environmental health and safety regulations.

With the acquisition of ChemSW, Accelrys offers customers an automated inventory system for tracking and tracing chemicals including: monitoring and tracking location and quantity specifics; monitoring usage; generating reports and quickly assessing hazard information during an emergency. The offering is available both on premises and via the cloud.

Combined with Accelrys’ solution portfolio, ChemSW’s EH&S compliance software also enables Accelrys to help support the sustainability initiatives of customers in almost every industry. Specifically, the solutions address three key areas critical to meeting the complete business sustainability challenge: improving operational efficiency, delivering innovation and meeting compliance requirements.

While EH&S regulations exist to protect workers, equipment, facilities and the environment from the hazards associated with chemicals, the management of evolving local, state, federal and international EH&S regulatory requirements required throughout the product development lifecycle has become complex and time consuming. By making current, real-time chemical safety and inventory data available on demand, the ChemSW system meets the vital and evolving business need to manage EH&S requirements as a synergistic whole along the entire laboratory-to-plant value chain. EH&S compliance complements Accelrys’ laboratory informatics solution portfolio, including electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and will be integrated with the scientifically aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform for managing the end-to-end scientific innovation lifecycle.


Source: Accelrys Inc.