Insaco Machines WhiteSince 1947 Insaco, Quakertown, Pa., has provided precision machining and polishing of fabricated parts from most technical ceramics, sapphire, glass and quartz. The company machines these materials to very precise tolerances for dimension, flatness, wedge and roundness or cylindricity. Insaco also has the capability to grind and polish cylindrical parts in a variety of hard materials to optical requirements.

Insaco machines white
Alumina ceramic is a white to cream colored material. Insaco can machine alumina to any required tolerance.

Insaco Machines BlackInsaco machines black
Insaco machines silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide for a variety of industrial and aerospace applications. A recent example involved an aircraft company where boron carbide was required to help protect plane occupants in the event of a "belly landing". Insaco worked with the material supplier and the customer to successfully machine these protective plates leading to similar requests from the aerospace industry. Insaco also provides precision machining of silicon carbide for the semiconductor and compound semiconductor industries and has had success machining boron carbide which is a material commonly used for personal protection gear.

Insaco Polishes ClearInsaco polishes clear
Insaco machines sapphire, quartz and glass to tight tolerances required in the semiconductor, photonics, aerospace and defense industries. The company has the ability to polish optical finishes and has wafer capabilities that allow them to process parts up to 450 mm.

Insaco supports green
Insaco provides a critical service that helps create products that are meant to last long. The company’s capability to machine materials to extreme tolerances has opened the door to "green" technologies. Their clients' have engaged their services to machine parts that are used in applications that are either environmentally friendly—for example, ceramic fuel cells used in the energy field—or applications where the finished part is used to replace parts that are effected by moisture, air, wear and degradation which typically lead to disposal and replacement issues that are not environmentally friendly. Insaco has machined ceramic pieces used to create electricity without creating any pollution.

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