DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers’ latest online modeling tool is designed to help packaging engineers and designers identify the most appropriate sealant and to explore new ways to handle tough sealing challenges. Used in combination with the DuPont SaVE (Sealant Value Estimator) tool, the new tool helps packaging engineers and designers quickly identify the “critical few” potential sealant resin options from the vast array of possible choices and then compare their value-in-use in terms of reduced packaging failures and waste.

Users of the tool enter criteria and their importance—such as converting process attributes, packaging form requirements, end-use conditions and other property needs. The selector then compares the hypothetical performance of many typical sealants. If one of them is DuPont™ Surlyn ionomer resin, the user can then enter additional information, such as melt index range or type, and the tool will suggest the top five grade choices.

The tool also offers base-case idea starters for sealing solutions in typical applications, ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to meat and dairy packaging. Technical data sheets are available for download to further speed the selection process.

The suite of on-line tools by DuPont, which also includes a modeling tool that simplifies tie-layer selection, is designed to complement in-person technical consultation.

“The idea is to quickly get to a short list of material-based solutions that are the most likely to work in a specific packaging application,” said Barry Morris, technical fellow, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers (DuPont). “Working with a short list of likely candidates can take months out of the development cycle.”

DuPont Surlyn is considered the packaging industry’s premier sealant solution because it delivers high-seal integrity, protects against “leakers” to significantly reduce waste and increases productivity in packaging lines and seals through complex situations.

Drawing from an extensive mix of adhesives, sealants, modifiers; and peelable-lidding resins, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers works with customers around the world on packaging initiatives that help protect the product, environment, improve shelf appeal, convenience and reduce cost in the food, cosmetics, medical products and other consumer goods and industrial packaging industries.

Source: DuPont