June 2013 Issue of R&D Magazine
June 2013 Issue R&D MagazineThis month's issue of R&D Magazine features the profiles of our annual Laboratory of the Year winners. This year's winners include the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE), Georgia Tech's Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Lab, Harvard University's Sherman Fairchild Renovation, and the D.C. Consolidated Forensic Laboratory. Our editors also provide an overview of multiphysics software, as well as features on data acquisition, vacuum systems, chromatography, laboratory utilities, and medical devices.

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2013 Laboratory of the Year Awards:
The Green Magnet
A Pinnacle of Energy Efficiency
Improving Past Excellence
Joining Forces

Feature Articles:
Multiphysics in the Design of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Swiss Army CFD
A Symbolic Release
Recent Advancements in Polymer Characterization
PEMs Stack Up to the Competition
Vacuum Pump Evolution
Software Takes Driver’s Seat in Test Systems
From Legos to Medical Devices