February 2013 Issue of R&D Magazine
February 2013 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue of R&D Magazine focuses on the optimal laboratory fit-out and proper laboratory equipment. New technologies and changing attitudes about effective, efficient research impact the way laboratories are equipped. Our editors also take a look into the fume hood industry, laboratory automation systems, and the state of systems biology. This issue also features products that will be featured at Pittcon 2013.

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Cover Story:
The Optimal Fit-Out

Pattern of Flow
Automating Challenges Associated with Proteomics Workflows
Rethinking Automation
Beyond the Genome

Featured Products:
Portable Infrared Analyzers
Air Displacement Pipettor
High-Temperature GPC/SEC System
Surface Characterization Analyzer
Moisture Analyzers
Combustion Ion Chromatography System
Laboratory Fume Hoods
Imaging Particle Analysis Instrumentation
Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer
MEMS Emitter
Confocal Raman Microscope
Ultraflat Thin-Film Filters
Ductless Fume Hood Technology