December 2012 Issue of R&D Magazine
December 2012 Issue of R&D MagazineIn this month's issue of R&D Magazine we announce and profile the winners of our annual Scientist of the Year and Innovator of the Year Awards. We also feature our research executive roundtable which shows how changes in the R&D environment are driving research managers to look at different ways to support and grow their organizations. Other features include information on how chilled beams provide an energy-efficient laboratory environment; the importance of information literacy; how to choose the right digital multimeter; and using photochemical machining to engineer intricate metal parts. This issue also features the 2013 R&D Global Funding Forecast.

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Scientist of the Year:
Controlled Success

Innovator of the Year:
Innovation on Wheels

Dark Clouds, But Bright Outlook for R&D
Hot Climate, Cool Laboratory
Information Literacy in the Workplace
Maximizing Digital Multimeter Productivity
Engineering Intricate Metal Parts

2013 Global R&D Funding Forecast:
Asia Drives Growth in 2013 Global R&D
The Uncertain State of U.S. R&D
FY 2013 U.S. Federal R&D Funding: Uncertain Future
Expenditure Impacts of U.S. R&D
Academic R&D Growth Slows
Industrial R&D Perspectives and Forecasts
Industrial R&D—Life Science
Industrial R&D—Information & Communication Technologies
Industrial R&D—Aerospace/Defense/Security
Industrial R&D—Energy
Industrial R&D—Chemicals & Advanced Materials
The Internationalization of R&D
BRIC - Brazil
BRIC - Russia
BRIC - India
BRIC - China
Rest of the World
A View of the World of R&D
View of Global Researchers
Global Funding Forecast Resource

Featured Products:
Tablet Documents Microscope Photos
Workflow-oriented Fluorescence Software
3D Optical Microscope System
Raman Microspectroscopy Advancement
Microscope Enclosure
Monochromated Electron Source
New Options for Opto-Digital Microscopes
Industrial Pressure Transmitter
Detector Arrays Boost GPC/SEC Productivity
Ductless Chemical Fume Hoods for Electrostatic-Sensitive Applications
Liquid Handling System