October 2012 Issue of R&D Magazine

October 2012 Issue of R&D MagazineIn this month's issue of R&D Magazine the editors explore the instrumentation and business strategies that help bring nanotechnology to the marketplace. Other features on dynamic light scattering, reverse engineering, click chemistry, product development, rapid prototyping, and simulation software are also included.

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Cover Story:
Results We Can See

Featured Articles:
Size Matters, But So Does Stability
Reverse Strategy to Accelerate R&D
New Reactions with Click Chemistry
Demonstrating Development Risk Reduction
Origami-inspired Prototyping
Breaking Down the Barriers to Simulation
Simulation Software Can Help Predict the Future
Simulating Quality, Cost, and Schedule
CFD Simulation Key for Supersonic UAV
Simulation-Based Engineering
New Methods for Modeling Physical Systems
Simulating Pipeline Rupture with Finite Element Analysis
Reducing Development Time in Thermal Imaging FPGAs

Featured Products:
Fume Hoods
Mobile Ductless Fume Hood
Non-Metallic Rinse Station
Benchtop Fluorometer
Ductless Fume Hoods
Liquid Handling Pipetting System
Liquid Chromatography System
Ductless Chemical Workstations