September 2012 Issue of R&D Magazine

September 2012 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue celebrates the 2012 R&D 100 Award winners.

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R&D Traditions Past, Present, and Future

R&D 100 Features:
5,000 Innovations and Counting
Innovations Move Materials, Energy, and Imaging Forward
2012 R&D 100 Awards Judges

Analytical Instruments:
Laser spectroscopy handles any isotope
Optical spectroscopy adds channels
Laser, electrospray combo samples live cells
Nitrogen analyzer on the go
Velocity measurements, multiplexed
Plasma resourcefulness
Most compact MS for liquids
Electrospray made easier
NMR, miniaturized
X-ray imagers shift to CMOS

Beam Instruments:
New high-output neutron source
Precise X-ray beam targets crystals
First plastic scintillator
First-ever solid-state neutron generator
Lithium-based neutron detector

A new standard in foam

Communication Technologies:
Mass market 5G WiFi
Metal-friendly RFID
Small equals sensitive for MEMS-based antenna
Passive RFID starts with problem
Wireless simulation, in a relaxed way
Breaking the wireless jam

Consumer Products:
Eyeglasses focus electronically
Snapshots in a new light and dimension

Electrical Devices:
Current conversion at a micro price
Ultra starting power for trucks
Cost-effective LED lighting
Precise measurement of power line temperature
Pinning force is taken to a new level
Cooling fan, reinvented

Electronic Instrumentation:
Complex waveforms simplified
Clamp instantly measures voltage, current
Picoscale sensing with telecom parts
Smartphone oscilloscope

Energy Technologies:
High-energy cathode material
Layered coating, cool roof
Photovoltaics that fit
Most efficient PV to date
A new angle on solar
Less platinum, better fuel cells
High-performance tokamak exhaust
Flexible Fresnel lens concentrates light
Air conditioning by evaporation

Environmental Technologies:
Low-impact carbon capture
Cleaner, reliable carbon dioxide scrubbing
Surface area key to metal adsorption

Imaging Technologies:
Plasma heats up 3D circuit analysis
Three-in-one microscopy system
Refraction-matching objectives dig deeper
Sensor captures field-of-view hyperspectral images
Fluorescence microscope surpasses diffraction limit
Imagers step up satellite tracking
Hyperspectral imaging, done simultaneously
Larger microchannel plates at less cost
First instant hyperspectral camera for live samples
3D X-ray microscope breaks submicron barrier

Information Technologies:
New chip node brings turbo technology

Lab Equipment:
Vacuum system speeds sample prep
Life extension for UHPLC columns
Plug-and-play flow chemistry
Modular answer for microfluidics transport

Lasers and Photonics:
Accurate optics metrology
Sensor gives complete picture of lasers
Testing sealed containers, no valves needed
Light modulators correct laser flaws
Specialty fiber powers mode-locked laser
Diode laser packs cutting power

Life Sciences:
Current controls cell transfection
DNA defined by ancestry
Quantifying DNA, drop by drop
Faster, safer cataract surgery

Materials Sciences:
Graphene enhances lithium-ion batteries
Strong biopolymer combo
Breaking the fire cycle
Staying drier with convection
Nanoscale-engineered cermets
Lignin enables BPA-free plastics
Strength through nanostructure
Giving the SLIP to all liquids
Lower-cost thermoelectrics
Concrete inspires a tough textile
Coating stands up to solid rock
A tougher aerogel

Mechanical Systems:
Rolling magnesium to market
Thumbs up for additive manufacturing
Transducer transforms machine tools
Permanent magnet produces motor efficiencies
Health monitor for hydraulic hoses

Process Sciences
Ceramic-sand hybrid makes a new mold
New life for uranium waste
Coating process creates protective layer

Safety and Security:
Non-contact scanner qualifies liquids
Gamma rays caught on camera
Personal pollutant monitor
Air travel teams receive automated decision support

Simplifying encryption for embedded systems
File-and-forget data transfer

Thin Film and Vacuum Technologies:
Corrosion resistance, achieved at room temperature
Semiconductor coating for large targets
Plasma generator tunes in RF for deposition