June 2012 Issue of R&D Magazine

June 2012 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue of R&D Magazine features the profiles of our annual Laboratory of the Year winners. This years winners include the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Princeton University's Frick Chemistry Laboratory, Kansas Bioscience Authority's Venture Accelerator, and University of California-Riverside's School of Medicine Research Building. Our editors also provide an in-depth overview of modern laboratory design and its ups and downs in a recovering economy, as well as features on technological improvements in fume hood accessories and their impact in recent years, dressing for safety in laboratory settings, and smartphone applications that monitor and control laboratory equipment.

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That New Lab Smell

2012 Laboratory of the Year Award Winners:
A Laboratory for All
Positive Reactions
Sustainable Growth
Open to Innovation

Featured Articles:
The Little Things
The Ups and Downs of Modern Laboratory Design
Diversity Marks R&D 100 Awards in 1990s

Featured Products:
Cryogenic Hand Protection
Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeves
Contamination Control Garments
Safety Apparel
Chemical Handling Gloves
Flame-Resistant Lab Coat
Real-Time PCR Experiment Guidance
Monitoring with Miniature Spectrometers
Virtual Monitoring of HPLC and UV-Vis Spectrometers
Laboratory Environment Monitoring at Any Distance
Calculate Gas Chromatography Flow
Laboratory Systems Control, Remotely
Microscope Images Go Mobile
App Analyzes Thermal Energy
Finding Laboratory Consumables, Containers
Mass Spec, SEM Remote Monitoring
Analytical Field Emission SEM
Moisture Determination Balances
Automated Liquid Handling Software
Automated Vial Handler
LED Illuminated Microscope
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Compact Liquid Handler