October 2011 Issue of R&D Magazine

October 2011 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue investigates the latest trends in aerospace technology, including defense-related research, novel materials, NASA's new approach to research, and the nascent privatization of space travel. Our editors also look at breakthroughs and research angles in materials, as well as developments in nanotechnology, including carbon nanotubes and graphene. Contributed articles describe strategies in open innovation and laboratory training for safety, and also included is a specification guide to laboratory design services.

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The More Things Change ...

Cover Story:
Aerospace Strikes Back

Featured Articles:
Carbon Nanotubes Chart Their Own Course
Better Times, Better Labs?
The Circle of Materials Science Life
Manage First to Put Safety First
Innovation Moves Outside the Proverbial Box

Featured News:
Unmanned Aerial Systems Soar To New Places and Sizes
Webb Space Telescope Sunshield Gets Full Size Test
Antennas Enable "Early Science" at ALMA
GPS-directed Flight Paths Seek Validation
Biofueled Passenger Flights Take to the Skies

Featured Products:
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Ergonomic Fume Hood
Mobile Ductless Fume Hood
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