September 2011 Issue of R&D Magazine

September 2011 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue celebrates the 2011 R&D 100 Award winners.

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R&D 100 Awards 2011

Analytical Instruments:
X-ray Measures In Multiple Dimensions
Prep System Speeds Serum To Mass Spec
Electrostatic Technique Ejects Ions
Chip-based Calorimeter Goes to Temperature Extremes
Spectrophotometer, Customized for the User
Detector Identifies Wide Mass Range
Structure and Temperature, Measured Together
Capillary Format Saves Eluent
X-ray Detector Delivers More Pixels, Faster Data

Laboratory Equipment:
Powder Flow Measurement Gets a Twist

Beam Instruments:
Pore Planning Elevates Performance, Lifetime of Cathodes
Injector Simplifies Cancer-Fighting Synchrotron
Liquid Metal-Jet Is On X-ray Target

Communication Technologies:
RF MEMS Switch Integrates Speed and Longevity

Lasers and Photonics:
Light Source Lifetime Lifted with Laser Tech
Stretched Lasers Prevent Combustion Breakdown

Gelatin Offers Key to Contamination Clean Up
Chemical Synergy Produces Green Solvent

Electrical Devices:
New Physics Lets Thyristor Reach Higher Level
Superconductors Lose Weight, Get Flexible
Ceramic Film Enables Hot Capacitors
Sensing, Sans Electric Circuitry
Ultracapacitor Wears Well
Electric Cable Goes Around the Bend
OLED Begins New Arc for TV
All-in-one RF Lets Mobile Devices Stay Small

Electronic Instrumentation:
Oscilloscope Accelerates with Indium Phosphide
Test Module Handles Advanced Materials
New Playing Field for Gigahertz Oscilloscopes
A Cool Solution for Mobile Electronics

Safety and Security:
Chemical Detection, from a Distance
Sensor Monitors Atmospheric Particles in Real Time
A Palladium Solution for Hydrogen Leaks

A Debugger for Supercomputing R&D
Code Library Moves Cross-Platform
Strong Software Foundation Helps Build Energy Plants
Free Framework for Scientific Simulation

Information Technologies:
Virtualization Extends Desktop Capacity
Scalable Server Saves Resources, Space
Next-generation Processors Enhance Graphics, Speed

Energy Technologies:
Long-awaited Battery Innovation
Fluid Additive Prevents Oil-well Blowouts
Photons Serve Double Duty
Rocks at Heart of Renewable Methane
Parallel Acquisition Speed PV Testing
Software Plugs in to Energy Use
Price is Right for Better Nuclear Fuel
Coating Keeps Fuel Cells Vital
Silicon Ink Boosts Solar Efficiency
Inverter Reverses Unreliability of PV
Non-flow Sets Fuel Cell Free
The True Nature of Batteries
Autonomous Vehicles, Fossil-fuel Free
Heat Pump Saves with Gas

Environmental Technologies:
Microbial Detection System Prevents Recalls, Illness
A PANTHER that Hunts Bioaerosols
A Nano-scale Difference in Water Purification

Life Sciences:
Cold Catheter Treats Abnormal Heart Rhythms
Improving on Existing Molecular Beacons
Hip Joint Minimizes Replacement Risks
Catheter Prevents Clogging
Platinum Add X-ray Visibility
Culture is a More Natural Home for Cells
Next-generation Radiotherapy Designed for Patient and Clinic
Cell Culture Technique Sorts Stem Cell Protocols

Imaging Technologies:
AFM Achieves Picometer Accuracy
Flat Panel Radar has No Moving Parts
Fastest-ever Light Deflector
Optical Model Boosts Resolution
GaAsP Detector Offers Sensitive Gain
Stage Integration Broadens TEM Horizons
Scanning Probe Microscopy Raises Its Hand
Segments Put Medical Image In Focus
Faster Mapping at Higher Altitudes
Electron Microscope has the Touch
High Emissions, Better Display
Microfluidics Meets Magnetic Resonance
Confocal Stays True to the Surface

Consumer Products:
High-definition and 3D Recording, to Go

Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies:
A Green Coat for PVA Polarizers
Vacuum Power Comes in Small Package

Materials Sciences:
Nanotubes Join Zinc to Fight Corrosion
Blast, Ballistic, Flame Protection All in One
Reusable Paper Takes on the Office
Nanofibers Shine in New Light Design
Coating Clears the Way, Night or Day
Self-assembly Overcomes Superparamagnetism
Microspheres Offer Tiny Gas Storage
Uniform Aerogel Gets the Salt Out

Process Sciences:
Faster, Cheaper Way to Clad Metal
Alloy Promises Better Tooling for Aerospace Parts
Spin Technology Produces Nanofiber Materials
Tools and Dies Form Under Pressure
Supermagnets, Made in the U.S.A.
Smaller, Faster, Cheaper Titanium Ingots

Mechanical Systems:
Steady Gas Flow Smooths Manufacturing Yields
Recycled Plastic, Ingenuity Builds Bridges
Continuous Spark Ignites Fuel Efficiency
Things that Go Bump Convert to Watts
Battery-driven Vehicle Makes a Clean Sweep