August 2011 Issue of R&D Magazine

August 2011 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue focuses on microscopy. Despite competition, the light microscope remains the most important instrument in the laboratory. And it's quickly evolving. The issue also looks at how companies are changing the way they organize their R&D functions and train staff for imaging applications and how confocal Raman imaging expands the possibilities for measuring large-scale samples. Other features include information on how simulation tools can answer design questions and take some of the mystery and risk out of R&D and how analysts focus on publication and citation data to reveal the size and structure of materials science research globally.

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Wanted: 2011's Top Technologies

Cover Story:
Sill in Focus After All These Years

Featured Articles:
New Equipment, Sourcing Enhance R&D
Raman Meets Confocal
Business Analytics Meets Post Processing
Molecular Modeling Simulates Savings
Simulating Soldier Safety
Biological Safety Cabinets Specification Guide
The State of Materials Research

Featured News/Products:
Wearable, Wireless Sensors Beat Power Demands
Power for Portability
Holding Data without Power
Getting to the Top, or Bottom of Microphone Performance
E-readers Search for Just the Right Touch
GPUs Enhance Interactions on the Battlefield or in the Casino
Event-driven Architecture Puts Processor in Charge
SEM Sample Holder
Infrared Thermometer with USB Interface
Electrodeposition Software Module