April 2011 Issue of R&D Magazine

April 2011 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue focuses on materials and materials science. With advances in both materials and process technologies, thin-film deposition is keeping pace with a rapidly changing marketplace. Other materials science features include how new technologies flesh out porosimetry and the characterization of engineered nanomaterials. This issue also features an industry focus on government-sponsored research.

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Avoiding Final Jeopardy

Cover Story:
The Transformation of Deposition

Featured Articles:
Sensing a Change in Vision
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Products from Government-sponsored Research
Research Insights
New Technologies Flesh Out Porosimetry
Anton Paar Finds Continued SAXsess
Characterizing Engineered Nanomaterials

Featured News/Products:
To Connect with Humans, Robots Must Act Like Humans
Business Robot Provides Eyes and Ears for Remote workers
Military Robots to Mimic Human, Animal Traits
Robot Handles Small Parts, Assembly Tasks
Robot Flexes Human-like Dual-Arm System