December 2010 Issue of R&D Magazine

December 2010 Issue of R&D MagazineThis month's issue features the recipients of our top annual individual awards—the 2010 Scientist of the Year and 2010 Innovator of the Year. Their pioneering work has helped transform their respective fields. Coverage of the editors' recent Executive Roundtable examines the issues affecting government-funded R&D, we also look at test and measurement diagnostic tools for smartphones and soy-based materials. Finally, the 2011 Global R&D Funding Forecast is a comprehensive analysis of the state of industrial research worldwide.

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2010 Scientist of the Year:
Answering Life's Questions, Systematically

2010 Innovator of the Year:
The Business Side of Superconductivity

2010 Young Innovator of the Year:
A Collaborative Success

Featured Articles:
New Economy, New Playbook
Sophisticated Microscopy: AFM/SEM Specifications Guide
Soy Materials Make a Green Mark
iTest, iMeasure

2011 Global R&D Funding Forecast:
Stability Returns to R&D Funding
U.S. R&D: Slow Growth Ahead
U.S. Federal R&D Funding: Long-Term Stability, But Short-Term Uncertainty
Industrial R&D - Life Sciences
Industrial R&D - Information Technologies
Industrial R&D - Electronics/Computers
Industrial R&D - Aerospace/Defense/Security
Industrial R&D - Energy
Industrial R&D - Advanced Materials
The Globalization of R&D
China's R&D Growth Engine
Global Researcher Survey
2011 Global R&D Forecast An Overview

Featured Products:
Technology Breaks Diffraction Limit
Long-Distance Industrial Wireless Transmitters and Receivers
Moisture Analyzer Pushes Upward Range to 500 ppm
Type B Enclosures