70-75 Route de Lyons-la-ForĂȘt
Rouen, France
Phone: +33 972 448 388
About the Company

CELENYS is a biotechnology company based in Rouen, France. CELENYS was cofounded by Nicolas Dubois and Elise Demange whose research are dedicated to mimic as close as possible the human physiology.

Bringing research nearer to reality has always been the leitmotiv of CELENYS. One of the major problems in novel drug discovery resides in the important differences between the results obtained in vitro and those obtained from animal models. In the industrial terms, this is time and cost money leading to fruitless assays, that could be avoided by the use of appropriate models which would lead to a wiser consummation of manpower and costs.

The increase in the drug screening success rate reduces costs; CELENYS gives researchers in both the private and public sectors a possibility to discover future medications.

Dedicated to the creation of new scaffolds

CELENYS has new products, which are coming soon, to offer more efficient products to its clients. They are getting closer to the reality. Our research programs promise the evolution of products new generation to improve drug screening.