Astarte Biologics

Astarte Biologics

22122 - 20th Ave SE, H-150
Bothell, Washington 98021
Phone: 425-481-4180
About the Company

Astarte Biologics offers the largest selection of characterized immune cells along with cell pellets and lysates, antigens, purified LPS, sera, plasmas and Rheumera™ kits to aid in immune system research and discovery.

We provide the highest quality grade of cells guaranteed for purity, viability and function. Human blood donors are characterized and tested negative for blood borne pathogens by a collection protocol that is IRB approved.

Our purified products are also characterized and checked by flow cytometric analysis for enrichment of the desired cell type.

Products are searchable by donor attributes such as product category, blood type, gender, age, ethnicity or donor number.

In addition to human cell products, we have a selection of murine and bovine immune cells to choose from.