Amber Biology, LLC

Amber Biology, LLC

10 Appleton Rd.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Phone: 617-453-8027
About the Company

Amber Biology, LLC is an independent research company that specializes in silico biology to support commercial life science R&D, with an emphasis on bio-therapeutics. With extensive expertise in structural, synthetic and systems biology, our scientific team has decades of collective experience in the commercial life science sector, successfully applying these computational approaches to advance challenging projects from early phase discovery to the clinic.

In environments ranging from small venture capital-funded start-ups to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, the partners at Amber Biology have decades of collective experience in commercial life science research and development. We offer our clients a very attractive, royalty-free, fee-for-service business model that allows us to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective in servicing our clients' needs.

Our scientific experience encompasses the design of bio-therapeutics, the experimental determination and modeling of molecular structures, the development of algorithms and software for the in silico support of life science R&D, and systems and synthetic biology approaches to medicine. Our management experience includes the leadership of high visibility drug development projects for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and the building and nurturing of many successful collaborations between industrial and academic partners.

The team at Amber Biology has a track record of success in advancing products from discovery and early phase R&D to the clinic, as well as years of experience in scientific advisory roles in commercial life science programs. Our integration of scientific understanding with intellectual property, competitive, regulatory, and market strategy is a key strength that we leverage in all of the work that we do for our clients.