101 Hartwell Ave.
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421
Phone: 617-225-0808
About the Company

Abpro offers a complete drug candidate generation platform from antigen expression to development of lead antibody candidates through pre-clinical in vivo testing.

- AAALAC accredited
- OLAW assured
- State of the art BCL1 & 2 facilities

-Our research team has:

-Unmatched group of experts in animal research, cell culture, and pre-clinical in vivo/in vitro testing with more than 20 years of experience
- Established IACUC protocols
- Excellent technical and surgical capability

We can assist with the following:

- Model selection and study design
- In-house or customer provided cell lines, random vs. stratified assignment of mice, etc.
- Blood, tissue, organ analysis, collection and preservation (flash-frozen, formalin)
- Histology and cell culture support
- Xenograft tumor models
- PK screening
- Toxicology studies
- Metabolic studies