HPC Source - June 2016

HPC is on the cutting edge of discovery in science and technology as the latest issue of HPC Source demonstrates. The interactive publication HPC Source is devoted exclusively to the coverage of high-performance computing and has been created especially for the HPC community. The issue’s theme—“HPC’s Expanding Universe” highlights just how much knowledge is growing in this field and how it is expanding the frontiers to help refine research in so many different areas.

In the HPC Source article, “HPC Unlocks Innovation,” we hear from Addison Snell, Chief Executive Officer of Intersect360 Research, on the latest trends in high performance computing and what he characterizes as the “ever-changing high performance computing market.” He discusses the latest trends and the important role HPC continues to play as technologies have become more accessible by a wider range of industries.

An important area is healthcare, and it is no secret that high-performance computing is having a huge impact here.  As Steve Conway, Research Vice President, HPC at IDC, forecasts, “Worldwide spending on supercomputers and other HPC systems in the biolife sciences market will grow from $1 billion in 2015 to $1.3 billion in 2019.”

Using high-performance data analytics will move the needle on the goal of outcomes-based health care, which is replacing procedures-based medicine with outcomes based medicine. Steve outlines just where the many ongoing initiatives stand as supercomputing contributes these medical frontiers.

In the HPC Source article, “Making the Most of Genomic Data: Context is Key” Tim Hoctor, Vice President, Life Sciences Solutions Services at Elsevier, provides a detailed look into the booming consumer genomics market—and how maximizing the potential of genomic data is key for the researchers who are pioneering the efforts to effectively process and interpret the data.

The big picture includes programs such as the U.S. government’s Precision Medicine Initiative and other scientific and technological collaborations which highlight the need for data-driven and cross industry collaborations to move genomic-based medicine and potential solutions forward.

As Addison Snell comments, “There are always new important trends on the forefront of high performance computing.” It’s a very robust,  active community with an eye on the future to empower discovery.