2014 R&D 100 Winner
xSol High Temperature StageA deeper understanding of microstructure-mechanical property correlations to processing conditions is sought by many industries. Hysitron Inc.’s xSol High Temperature Stage is a new platform that supports this effort, allowing researchers to make high-resolution nanomechanical measurements over a broad temperature range.

The heating system consists of two high-power core elements between which the sample is located. This creates a micro-environmental chamber in which both the sample and indenter tip are kept at thermal equilibrium during indentation, a crucial condition for reliable results. This microchamber can also be filled with any reactive/shield gas, providing uniform measurement conditions without the necessity of complicated vacuum systems. No other available system delivers precise temperature control over temperatures up to 800 C.

The low-drift stage has been specifically designed to enhance core nanoscale characterization capabilities of Hysitron’s instrumentation. xSol can be paired with in-situ scanning probe microscopy, nanoindentation, nanoscratch and nanowear. Time-temperature-superposition studies of viscoelastic materials and prolonged, elevated temperature creep experiments can be accurately and reliably performed.

High temperature stage

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Development Team

 xSol High Temperature Stage Team
Hysitron Inc.'s xSol High Temperature Stage development team (l-r): Yuxin Feng, Syed Asif, Reed Bailey, Luke Keranen, Jason Oh, Richard Nay and Craig Kossen.













The xSol High Temperature Stage Development Team from Hysitron Inc.
Reed Bailey, Principal Developer
Ude Hangen, Principal Developer
Luke Keranen, Principal Developer
Craig Kossen, Principal Developer
Ryan Major, Principal Developer
Jason Oh, Principal Developer
Syed Asif
Yuxin Feng
Richard Nay