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Plasma is the preferred specimen for most in vitro analytical methods for the identification and quantification of biomarkers in blood. The standard method for plasma fractionation, centrifugation, has remained largely unchanged for over 75 years and involves equipment and work that is normally performed in a laboratory and that developing countries can’t afford. Alternative approaches, such as dried blood spot testing, have flaws that prevent widespread applications.

Novilytic’s Noviplex Plasma Collection Card is a self-contained, blood-plasma sampling device used to volumetrically collect a plasma aliquot independent of whole blood application volumes. The Noviplex requires no power and circumvents requirements for venipuncture-phlebotomy training, needles, special vials and equipment, refrigeration and centrifugation normally associated with traditional plasma methods. Plasma extraction occurs in three minutes after which an absorbent disc at the bottom saturates with a fixed volume of plasma through capillary action. The air-dried plasma aliquot can be inexpensively transported with minimal biohazard to a centralized laboratory for quantitation of biomarkers for disease or physiological function. Noviplex introduces convenience and reduces the costs associated with plasma sampling, thereby creating access to sophisticated bioanalytical and in vitro diagnostic technologies in disperse locations such as those found in the developing world.

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Development Team

Novilytic's Noviplex Plasma Collection Card development team (l-r): Fred Regneir, Edward Woenker, JinHee Kim, Jiri Adamec and Tim Woenker.













The Noviplex Plasma Collection Card Development Team from Novilytic
Fred E. Regnier, Principal Developer
Jiri Adamec
JinHee Kim
Edward Woenker
Timothy E. Woenker