2014 R&D 100 Winner
Continuously Variable Series Reactor (CVSR)The control of power flow in power systems is a major concern for utilities and system operators. But full power flow control has been prohibitively expensive, requiring large numbers of complicated and costly devices. As a result, power systems almost always operate sub-optimally at billions of dollars per year. A simple, magnetic-field-based valve-like device for power flow control, the Continuously Variable Series Reactor (CVSR), developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. and the Univ. of Tennessee, has introduced substantial improvements.

The CVSR has three main components: an electromagnetic system, a power source and a control system. The electromagnetic system is at the heart of the device, where the control interaction takes place. It consists of a ferromagnetic core with windings for the control and controlled electrical circuits. The power source provides power for the control action and supplies the bias DC current. It consists of a rectifier, inverter and other auxiliary circuits made from power electronics components. The control system provides the brain power of the device and consists of control software implemented on a hardware board that drives the power electronics components and creates the required control current. The power source and the control system come together in a single DC power control box that can be mounted on or beside the main container with the electromagnetic system.

High-power magnetic amplifier

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SPX Transformer Solutions Inc.
Univ. of Tennessee

Development Team

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Continuously Variable Series Reactor (CVSR) development team (l-r): Aleksandar Dimitrovski and Burak Ozpineci.









 Gylfi Olafsson  Kevin Tomsovic  Paul Lefeber  Raj Ahuja
Gylfi Olafsson, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. Kevin Tomsovic, Univ. of Tennessee Paul Lefeber, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. Raj Ahuja, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc.











The Continuously Variable Series Reactor (CVSR) Development Team
Alexandar Dimitrovski, Principal Developer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gylfi Olafsson, Principal Developer, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc.
Kevin Tomsovic, Principal Developer, Univ. of Tennessee
Raj Ahuja, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc.
Paul Lefeber, SPX Transformer Solutions Inc.
Yilu Liu, Univ. of Tennessee
Burak Ozpineci, Oak Ridge National Laboratory