2014 R&D 100 Winner
Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR)By 2025, the automotive industry is required to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by at least 30% while reducing pollutant emissions by a factor of three. For decades, efforts to meet ever-increasing standards like this have depended on a thorough understanding of Otto cycle dynamics in internal combustion engines and development of ways to change emissions through exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Toward this goal, Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR) by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) goes to new lengths by “dedicating” a separately controlled cylinder that is allowed to run rich. SwRI engineers realized that fuel-rich operation produces the chemical components necessary to create cooled EGR (to reduce emissions) and reformate (carbon monoxide and hydrogen), which improves efficiency. When mixed with fresh air, the reformate is introduced into the other cylinders, reducing knock and improving combustion.

By dedicating an individual cylinder to the production of cooled EGR and reformate, EGR is separated from the tailpipe exhaust. This allows the non-EGR cylinders to be operated at a stoichiometric air-fuel ratio, simplifying after-treatment. In addition, since the dedicated cylinder is directly connected to the intake manifold, 100% of the reformate is captured and returned to the engine. Dedicated-EGR enables compression ratios up to 12:1 while maintaining high specific power and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 10%.

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Development Team

 Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR) Team
Southwest Research Institute's Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR) development team (l-r): Roger Huron, Mark Jones, Christopher Chadwell, Barrett Mangold, Doughlas McKee, Terry Alger and Steven Almaraz.















The Dedicated-EGR (D-EGR) Development Team from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Terry Alger, Principal Developer
Steven Almaraz, Principal Developer
Christopher Chadwell, Principal Developer
Jess Gingrich, Principal Developer
Raphael Gukelberger, Principal Developer
Roger Huron, Principal Developer
Mark Jones, Principal Developer
Barrett Mangold, Principal Developer
Douglas McKee, Principal Developer
Jacob Zuehl, Principal Developer