2014 R&D 100 Winner
The Dow Chemical Company's BETAMATE 1630 Structural AdhesiveToday’s automakers face the challenge of producing vehicles that meet consumer expectations as well as government standards for safety, comfort, performance and sustainability. Structural adhesives help them fulfill many of these goals, and bonding technologies have become critically important in the successful design and construction of modern vehicles. The Dow Chemical Company is a major supplier of these adhesives, and their recently introduced BETAMATE 1630 Structural Adhesive offers a substantial weight savings: about 70 to 100 kg for each vehicle body. This significant figure is obtained through a hybrid epoxy production technology that allows better toughening at lower test temperatures, down to 40 C. This thermal stability allows much lower bulk viscosity for cold pumpability, providing a lighter material that was produced using less energy. The adhesive retains its strength and crack-resistant characteristics, and continues to support rapid application technologies like jet spraying. Other advantages include excellent pre-gelling properties and fast curing. BETAMATE 1630 is a one-component crash-durable adhesive (CDA) that is already widely used for automotive component bonding, but could be used for other bonding applications.


The Dow Chemical Company
Dow Europe GmbH
Dow Automotive Solutions

Development Team

The BETAMATE 1630 Structural Adhesive Development Team from The Dow Chemical Company
Regina Ditschuneit, Principal Developer
Jeannine Flueckiger, Principal Developer
Benjamin Haag, Principal Developer
Andreas Lutz, Principal Developer
Gion Spescha, Principal Developer