2014 R&D 100 Winner
iQ Series Comfort Knit Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant FabricRoughly one million workers today are required to wear protective, fire-resistant (FR) garments in the U.S. However, because these protective garments are often heavy and uncomfortable, workers are reluctant to wear them and burn accidents are still commonplace. The iQ Series Comfort Knit Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant Fabric from Milliken & Company and Bulwark FR was designed to combine comfort with strong FR characteristics. It provides flash fire and arc flash protection while delivering three comfort attributes: lighter weight, breathability and moisture management.

The overall composition of the iQ Series is a 69:25:6 cotton, polyester and podlon mix. The hydroxyl functional groups of the cotton, which provides comfort and strength, serve as covalent attachment points for the cross-linked chemistry. Micro-denier polyester was chosen for against-the-skin comfort and has been highly integrated to suppress its melt characteristics. Podlon is an olybenzoxazole fiber that is inherently FR. The iQ Series FR chemistry is halogen-free, metal-free and relies on the oxidation of phosphorous, when burned, to create non-flammable nitrogen gas. The result behaves more like performance wear than a heavy, stiff, uncomfortable uniform.

Flame-resistant fabric

Milliken & Company
Bulwark FR

Development Team

 iQ Series Comfort Knit Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant Fabric Team
Milliken & Company's iQ Series Comfort Knit Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant Fabric development team (l-r): Jack Spoon (Milliken), Drew child (Milliken), Travis Greer (Milliken), Jim Rogers (Milliken), Robert Grimes (Bulwark FR), Allison Bloodworth (Bulwark FR), Angie Wilson (Bulwark FR), Rajib Mondal (Milliken), Eric Mossbrook (Milliken), Warren Gerhardt (Milliken).

















The iQ Series Comfort Knit Amplitude G2 Flame Resistant Fabric Development Team
Allison Bloodworth, Principal Developer, Bulwark
Drew Child, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Than Emery, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
J. Travis Greer, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Robert Grimes, Principal Developer, Bulwark
Chris Holcombe, Principal Developer, Bulwark
Keith Keller, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Rajib Mondal, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Eric Mossbrook, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Jim Rogers, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
David Smith, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Jack Spoon, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company
Denise Statham, Principal Developer, Bulwark
Petr Valenta, Principal Developer, Milliken & Company