2014 R&D 100 Winner
TEQUATIC PLUSAs populations grow and water needs accelerate, more viable water treatment solutions are essential to support a variety of fast-growing applications. However, users trying to treat high total-suspended-solids water with traditional filters often complain that they’re experiencing too much downtime, high maintenance and filter costs, high fines and surcharges, and high expectations to conserve and reuse water. Traditional bag and cartridge filters are holding them back.

Clean Filtration Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, has developed the TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filter as a solutions to these problems. The filter is a disruptive technology that unlike conventional filters can clean itself. Constant fouling and plugging are things of the past, replaced by high uptime and low maintenance. The design combines continuous cleaning, cross-flow filtration, centrifugal separation and solids collection in one unit, without requiring a motor and related power consumption. This enables users to cost-effectively process water containing high and variable solids from 1 to >10,000 mg/L down to 10 micrometers without constant filter changes, and in the presence of fats, oils and greases. Sustainability is enhanced through less disposal and a high water recovery rate up to 99%.

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Clean Filtration Technologies LLC
The Dow Chemical Company

Development Team

The TEQUATIC PLUS Development Team from Clean Filtration Technologies LLC
George Caffell, Principal Developer
Jerry Corcoran, Principal Developer
John Mallard, Principal Developer
Steve O'Reilly, Principal Developer
Mike Vosberg, Principal Developer