2013 R&D 100 Winner
Thermo Scientific iCAP QThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s Thermo Scientific iCAP Q is a quadrupole-based inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) with user-inspired design featuring an advanced interference removal technology and significantly higher productivity for the determination of trace elemental concentration in various matrices. The pop-out interface design and easily accessible torch and extraction lens eases maintenance of the instrument. The new skimmer cone design controls memory effects and allows for user-replaceable inserts. Depending on the type of the insert, the cone adjusts the properties between matrix tolerance and sensitivity. The RAPID lens efficiently separates the ions of interest from the neutrals while focusing the ions in all dimensions into the collision cell (QCell). The QCell is based on flatapole technology, which offers a smaller ion cell. With curved rods this system more efficiently delivers a low mass cut off to remove precursors at the beginning of the cell, preventing interferences inside the cell.

Quadrupole-based inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Development Team

Development team for Thermo Scientific iCAP Q. Front (l-r): Dirk Wohlers, Shona McSheehy Ducos, Tomoko Vincent, Gerhard Jung, Joerg Broedje. Rear (l-r): Lothar Rottmann, Julian Wills, Benno Strasser, Bjoern Grunwald, Norbert Quaas, Juergen Jaeschke.


The Thermo Scientific iCAP Q Development Team from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Lothar Rottmann, Principal Developer
Bjoern Grunwald
Juergen Jaeschke
Holger Jeglinski
Gerhard Jung
Kai Landsmann
Alexander Makarov
Norbert Quass
Benno Strasser
Tomoko Vincent
Julian Wills
Drik Wohlers