2013 R&D 100 Winner
CraneAbideContainer ships are designed to always be at sea, transporting goods. But slow loading and unloading—a common occurrence at congested ports—can cost them money. To help speed this process, researchers at the Institute for Information Industry (III) have developed CraneAbide, a container transship management technology that applies existing technologies to help manage an often overlooked factor at many ports: trailer positioning.

RFID is already sometimes used, but flexibility suffers for the interest of efficiency. III instead chose a wireless sensor network (WSN) based on low-cost, reliable Zigbee technology. This allows a management scheme in which the deviation room for a trailer’s position can be maximized while still keeping the crane operating at an optimized loading/unloading route. WSN provides the communication backbone for an e-paper system, which acts as a dynamic job assignment device installed on outside trailers. Applying this network to Taiwan’s major seaport in Taipei, III achieved almost double the previous trailer transfer rate.

Container transship management

Institute for Information Industry

Development Team

Institute for Information Industry's CraneAbide development team (l-r): Meredith Chang, Wen-Lin Wu, Min Di, Shu-Hui Lin, Yi-Chung Cheng, Pao-Chung Ho, Chuan-Neng Lin, Ruey Beei Wu, Ray Chen, Alex Wang, Yen-Hui Kuo, Hsin-Hung Chen.


The CraneAbide Development Team from Institute for Information Industry
Ray Chen, Principal Developer
Min Di, Principal Developer
Ronald Liu, Principal Developer
Yung-Chih Liu, Principal Developer
Meredith Chang
Yi-Chung Cheng
Hsin-Hung Chen
Pao-Chung Ho
Yen-Hu Kuo
Chuan-Neng Lin
Shu-Hui Lin
Alex Wang
Ruey Beei Wu
Wen-Lin Wu