2013 R&D 100 Winner


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Structured Knowledge Space (SKS), developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory, is an end-to-end software system developed to answer a question that has frustrated national security decision makers: “How do we take advantage of the enormous amounts of information communicated daily through a wide variety of reporting venues?”

SKS ingests, processes and indexes operational and intelligence documents and extracts information for future retrieval, display and analysis. SKS combines open-source technologies, custom-built software and domain knowledge about the important entities in intelligence reporting to create a robust system that facilitates search over a document collection that was previously unsearchable. SKS builds searchable archives of text-based intelligence reports, extracts entities from free-form documents and makes them discoverable through a keyword and faceted-search interface. SKS search tools allow users to query for approximate name matches or geographic locations that are referenced in documents.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Development Team

The Structured Knowledge Space (SKS) team includes: front row (l-r) - Ritesh Patel, Don Leger, Michael Yee, Jason Hepp, Gary Condon, Delsey Sherrill, Robert Shaw and Ven Tadipartri. Back row (l-r): Mark Ford, Louis Bellaire, Mel Martinez, Kenneth Senne, Michael Snyder, Magnus Ljungberg, Yican Cao, Brian Corwin and Peter Mezzina.


The Structured Knowledge Space (SKS) Development Team from MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Gary R. Condon, Principal Developer
Jason D. Hepp, Principal Developer
Benjamin Landon, Principal Developer
Delsey M. Sherrill, Principal Developer
Michael J. Yee, Principal Developer
Jeffrey Allen
Erik Brinkman
Yican Cao
Brian Corwin
Aaron Daubman
Richard Delanoy
Jason Duncan
Nils Edstrom
Mark Ford
Neal Hartmann
T.J. Hazen
Davis King
Ari Kobren
Jonathan Kurz
Chi Lam
Donald Leger
Mel Martinez
Jeremy Mineweaser
Justin O'Brien
Ritesh Patel
Harry Phan
Bob Piotti
Ramesh Ramachandran
Travis Riley
Steve Schoeffler
Michael Snyder
Ven Tadipatri
Gordon Vidaver
George Wilk
Chris Wyse