2013 R&D 100 Winner
Waters Acquity UPC2 SystemThe difficulty of controlling key parameters in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), such as temperature, pressure and density, has prevented this non-toxic analytical method from achieving the reproducibility it needs to perform at high level in the laboratory. Waters Corp. has taken the lessons it has learned in the high-performance liquid chromatography space and applied them to its Waters Acquity UPC2 System to create an SFC, or convergence chromatography, platform that can pump liquid carbon dioxide precisely through small-particle stationary phases. The system’s design measures include a photodiode array detector that uses thermal management, a silica lens that improves low ultraviolet energy and a low-dispersion flow cell to accommodate narrow peak widths. A two-stage dynamic and static back-pressure regulator (BPR) improves density control, decreases baseline noise and increases control of analyte retention times. Finally, proprietary surface chemistries in Waters’ columns span a wide polarity spectrum for flexibility in selectivity. The resulting instrument exhibits a high degree of efficiency, with shorter separation times, reduced solvent consumption, streamlined sample preparation and much lower cost of analysis per sample than previous SFC technologies.

Convergence chromatography

Waters Corp.

Development Team

Waters Corp.'s Waters Acquity UPC2 System development team. First row (l-r): Carlos Gomez, Maruth Sok, Peter Pino, Christopher Seith, Kaori Taguchi, Yuehong Xu, Susan Karn, Guo-Zhoug Li, Christopher Hudalla. Second row (l-r): Yelena Yatskar, Brian Boucher, Erin Rasmussen, Charles Murphy, Senthil Bali, Melissa Hobert, Eugene Tancrell, Edwin Denecke, Jonathan Belanger, Richard Earle. Third row (l-r): Andrew Aubin, Steven Trudeau, Richard Andrews, Douglas Wittmer, Joseph Jarrell, Jacob Fairchild, Darryl Brousmiche, John Auclair, Jingnan Liu. Fourth row (l-r): Steven Ciavarini, Steven Collier, Lee Beaudette, Jaffar Ismail, James Usowicz, John Angelosanto, Michael Budnick, Joshua Shreve, Lucas Tiziani, Colin Fredette, Miguel Soares, David Lamborghini, David DePasquale. Back row (l-r): Anthony Jeanotte, Mark Moeller, Robert Reynolds, Paul Linderson, Jason Hill, Paul Keenan, Robert Dumas, Kurt Joudry, Aaron Lebeau, Brett Cook, Robert Herbert.


The Waters Acquity UPC2 System Development Team from Waters Corp.
Peter Pino, Principal Developer
Richard Andrews
John Angelosanto
Andrew Aubin
John M. Auclair
Senthil Bala
Edward Bates
Peyton Beals
Lee A. Beaudette
Jonathan L. Belanger
Emily J. Berg
Eugene Berthiaume
Darryl W. Brousmiche
Michael Budnick
Ben Burgess
Steven J. Ciavarini
Steven M. Collier
Brett G. Cook
Sylvain Cormier
Edwin H. Denecke
David A. DePasquale
Robert J. Dumas
Richard S. Earle
Jacob N. Fairchild
Colin F. Fredette
Carlos A. Gomez
John F. Heden
Robert Herbert
Jason F. Hill
Ryan Hill
Christopher J. Hudalla
Jaffar Ismail
Michael R. Jackson
Joseph A. Jarrell
Anthony A. Jarrell
Anthony C. Jeannotte
Robert A. Jencks
Kurt D. Joudrey
Michael D. Jones
Susan J. Karn
Paul A. Keenan
David R. Lamborghini
Paul D. Linderson
Guo-Zhong Li
Jingnan Liu
Aaron Lebeau
Joseph A. Luongo
John Maillet
Daniel J. McCormick
Scott K. McLaren
Mark W. Moeller
Charles T. Murphy
Erin D. Rasmussen
Robert E. Reynolds
Christopher B. Seith
Joshua A. Shreve
Harbaksh Sidhu
Miguel M. Soares
Maruth Sok
Kaori Taguchi
Eugene L. Tancrell
Lucas O. Tiziani
James E. Usowicz
Steven D. Trudeau
Yelena I. Yatskar
Gerald Wisser
Douglas P. Wittmer
Yuehong Xu