2013 R&D 100 Winner
Da Vinci Fuel-In-Oil (DAFIO) measurement systemThe efficiency of internal combustion engines plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering resource consumption. One specific but important task is ensuring that lubricant oil is not diluted by fuel, thereby hurting viscosity and efficiency. The Da Vinci Fuel-In-Oil (DAFIO) measurement system, developed by Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd., Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cummins Inc., is a tool that engineers can use to rapidly—within five to 10 min—develop engines and engine control strategies that minimize the chances of fuel dilution of lubricant oil. The tool replaces the accepted standard method of gas chromatography.

The system’s operation is based on laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy and is performed with a fiber-optic sample probe. The sample probe is in a Y-configuration, where the two arms are for excitation and detection and the common base forms the measurement probe end. A 532-nm laser is launched into the excitation arm of the fiber-optic probe. The laser light interacts with the oil sample at the common measurement end of the fiber-optic probe, and causes the oil sample to fluoresce. This fluorescent light emitted by the oil sample is collected and transferred to a spectrometer for analysis by the probe’s detection arm.

Fuel-in-oil measurement system

Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cummins Inc.

Development Team

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's DAFIO measurement system development team (l-r): Bill Partridge, David Sims, Jim Parks.


The Da Vinci Fuel-In-Oil (DAFIO) measurement system Development Team
Kent Froelund, Principal Developer, Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd.
Jim Parks, Principal Developer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bill Partridge, Principal Developer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mike Cunningham, Principal Developer, Cummins Inc.
Neal Currier, Cummins Inc.
Ryo Fuchinoue, Cummins Inc.
Mike Ruth, Cummins Inc.
Ray Shute, Cummins Inc.
David Sims, Oak RidgeNational Laboratory
Shawn Whitacre, Cummins Inc.
Alex Yezerets, Cummins Inc.