2013 R&D 100 Winner
Orthocare MagellanOrthocare Innovations has introduced a new technology that is intended to enhance limb control for those who rely on prosthetic ankles and feet. The Magellan MFA (Magellan Microprocessor Foot Ankle System) is a computer-controlled foot-ankle prosthesis capable of adapting to a user’s activities through a 38-degree range of motion. It is intelligently adjusted by manipulation of a mesofluidic hydraulic system, in which the ankle block is supported anteriorly and posteriorly by a pair of antagonistic pistons riding within vertically oriented parallel cylinders on either side of the joint axis. The base of each piston rolls on a hardened steel cam machined into the top of the foot structure. An electric valve controls motion; a unique impedance control system utilizes the patient’s own gait dynamics to both inform the control algorithm and to drive the system. A microprocessor monitors the three-degree-of-freedom Europa ankle torque sensor and a magnetic position encoder, and, based on propriety algorithms embedded in the firmware, determines a required change in position to further optimize gait. The user can remotely control and monitor the system using a smartphone.

Computer-controlled foot-ankle prosthesis

Orthocare Innovations

Development Team

The Magellan MFA (Magellan Microprocessor Foot Ankle System) Development Team from Orthocare Innovations
David Boone, Principal Developer
Ray Austin
Dustin Lane
Lucas Lincoln
Ben Macomber
Mark McWilliams